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Industry 5.0

Our goals: Towards A New Globalised Creative Economy and Human-Centric Approach

– Holistic is social-oriented technological organization with sustainable practices and Bulgarian know-how.

– We offer useful, practical and intelligent marketing and business solutions.

– Holistic specialises in high-quality, effective and combined ways of how to create, deliver and promote business information & content to the desired audience. This is our unique advantage.

– Some of our services include multimedia portfolio, business strategies, marketing tactics, digitalizations, know-how methods for better productivity, assistance for new partnerships, development of new markets, additional online and offline showroom, etc.

What is Holistic:

Holistic means whole, integral. The word comes from the Greek “holos”. Holistic encompasses everything that benefits each system as a whole and affects its elements effectively. Holistic can be the way of thinking, the management of the business or the lifestyle. In general, Holistic.bg is a business forum; innovative space; marketing catalyst; prestigious impresario; creative marketplace and many other roles.

The Story:

It all starts with the Idea of something better… The concept was born in 2020, with the desire to recreate a holistic multimedia business directory… Today Holistic is much more than its idea…


Holistic aims to be a space without boundaries. To reinvent the established models of connectivity, market conditions and to change the understanding of efficiency, productivity and simplicity. Holistic is an intermediary for innovative creation, information management and promotion of important and quality content.

Target Groups:

Business, Science, Art, NGO sector, Sport, Tourism, Public administration.

We know that truly successful is one that creates products and benefits for the organization, consumers and society at the same time, and this requires us to be responsible, supportive and fair. We believe that the future belongs to mutual efforts, common development and simplified solutions. We connected elements, ideas, functionalities, capabilities, advantages, benefits, marketing options in a new combination and created a world concept (formula, map, tool, methodology). This essence is our innovative Know-How product.




Hi-Tech Innovative Business e-Directory

***Join Holistic Digital Ecosystem***

Create a focused content WITH or WITHOUT the assistance of Holistic.

Targeted presentations are becoming modern, in demand, practical, effective, necessary and prestigious, because they cover all aspects of business, activity, information and the purpose of the message. They are developed with a certain target development goal.

Add the profile of your organization or just yourself and promote your activities on the global business map.

Once published, your personalized marketing link can be shared, copied and integrated across all social channels, theme groups, email correspondence, other external sites, sms, digital brochures, be indexed in Google by keywords, etc. Any focused content significantly upgrades the SEO ranking because it can cover a compilation of: photos, designer banners, text content, attachments, hyperlinks, videos, Google location + many more advantages.

Over 200+ different categories have been created, covering almost the entire spectrum in the economy.

Take advantage of the full package of functionalities and configure endless possibilities. Unlock the power of CREATIVITY.

In addition, Holistic has developed know-how method how to apply the target content and promote it on external channels and through creative advertising media, methods, partners, ideas and places, where the portfolio information or other individual content reach a new audience, all tailored to your acceptable budget.






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