End-to-End White Label Event Solutions

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End-to-End White Label Event Solutions with EventMagix technology



Automated access points, videos, graphics, interactive 3D displays, projection mapping, largescale event maps, social media walls, fast track check-in, badge printing, participant session tracking, reporting and receiving analytics via smart badges are just some of the effective features to be integrated in an onsite event.

Having push notifications in apps will add value to your visitors’s easy access and establish an ideal environment for networking and engaging with other visitors, speakers and event exhibitors. With the use of the right technical features before, during and after your event you will be able create an unique experience.


Welcome to an user friendly, secure, visitor engagement focused, cost efficient event opportunity. You name it, we plan, design and transform your virtual event into a lifelike unique experience.  Your virtual event is all alike a physical, onsite event. It can be run it in all shapes & sizes, customized, cost effectively with global access, maximum engagement and useful data analysis and outstanding insights. If you have an internet connection, then this is an invalueable comfort, using only a laptop or mobile.


This is perfect combination between virtual and reality. You get all outcomes of a virtual experience together with the powerful impact of being face to face. This is one event addressing two audiences. Hybrid events connect, engage and serve both, the onsite as well as the virtual audience. This is the future! Enjoy the exploding synergy of hybrid, an exiting and meaningful way of running effective measureable events.


  • Virtual Event Platform – Cloud based, interactive event experience
  • Virtual 3D Exhibition – Customizable booths for engaging experiences including live video chat
  • E-Posters – Start a discussion between authors and attendees
  • Event Website Builder – Have your custom branded event
  • Live Streaming – Reach your audience online with production quality live streaming
  • Live Q&A and Voting – Empower your audience with engagement
  • Branded Payment & Registration – Easy-to-use online registration and payment system
  • Badge Scanner – Track attendee check-in & check-out at the event and maximize lead generation for exhibits
  • Webinar – Host webinars custom-tailored to your business
  • B2B Matchmaking – Connect people and build business relationships at your events
  • Mobile Event App – All-in-one application for virtual, hybrid & in-person events
  • Onsite Services – We provide you with the support and hardware for safe in-person events
  • Social Wall – Combine all your social media presence in one place
  • Email Marketing – Automate communications before, during and after the event
  • Hotels Booking – Custom made widget for additional revenue stream for your event


Easily Host Conferences and Summits

This is a great opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas about future concepts and demonstrating latest offerings as well as setting the tone of the technology industry. The software allows visitors and partners to connect and be informed at any new features and products you would like to promote. Reach more audience with a virtual Hi-tech event. It is of utmost significance for the high-tech sector to gather specialist at one place. Run a catchy technology event, at which information, experience and skills are exchanged.


Allow Partners to Showcase their Brand

Wether you want to run a trade show for vendors, an exhibition for companies or a meeting for consultation or education don’t miss the opportunity to impact your audience with the right choice of event type, style and technology features.

Branding Features

Add watermarks to your recordings. Brand each room with custom colors and logo. Upload content like presentations, brochures and videos to promote your organization.

Entertaining and Engaging Features

Use gaming, escape rooms, guess the phrase and quizzes to rise the interaction for and between visitors. Use techlab, so that you can show more and detailed information about your brand and product. Break out rooms are always a great tool for deep diving into tech solutions.

Suitable for:

Career Fairs Events | Medical & Scientific Congresses | Hi-Tech Expos | Fundraising Events | Educational Events | Business Events | Concerts | Festivals

Who is this opportunity for:

Event organisers | Venue centres | Associations | PR Agencies | Entrepreneurs & Innovators | Business Hubs | Modern Universities & R&D institutions | HR agencies | Organisations | Technology-orientated Governments


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