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Egnatia 154, Thessaloniki 546 36, Greece
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The International Exhibition/Conference BEYOND is designed to be a focal point for innovative enterprises active in new technologies and their various fields of application. Moreover, developing companies, make their own impact by sharing their vision and innovations in a technologically friendly space, where the term “entrepreneurship” is highly celebrated.

During the last three years, the expo acted as an international platform for exchanging views and ideas that explore the social and economic impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the multiple opportunities created in the evolving sector of technologies.


Entrepreneurship is part of BEYOND’s DNA and it is of highest priority to:

  •  Strengthen and support the entrepreneurs & the startup ecosystem.
  •  Appoint the disruptive innovations which can then become the driving force for a sustainable and innovative future.
  •  Dedicated area to innovative startups & scale-ups in order to promote their products and services.

3-day exhibition

Companies focusing on technology & innovation showcase their products & services, as well as cutting-edge technologies to a large number of visitors, a targeted audience eager to learn about the future of technology and how it may transform all the aspects of our lives.

 Main Areas


  • Tech Industry Leaders
  • Startups & Scale-ups
  • Research Centers & Universities
  • Visionaries & Thought-Leaders


  • 5 000+ B2B & B2G meetings
  • 30+ Countries
  • 450+ Representatives of municipalities & communities
  • 5 Stages for side events & workshops
  • 450+ Greek & foreign speakers



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Holistic is invited to join the tech expo and show its know-how to the global audience. Learn more about Holistic here.

Holistic e поканен да участва на технологичния форум и да покаже уникалното know-how на международната аудитория. Разберете повече за Holistic от този линк.



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